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Sea Salt, Why Use It?

Like fat, salt is often misunderstood. Both are nutrients that are essential to health, but not all forms of them are healthy. Salt is vital for the survival of all living creatures. Water and salt regulate the water content of the body; there are two oceans of water inside the body: one ocean is held inside the cells and the other outside the cells. Good health depends on a most delicate balance between the volume of these oceans, and this balance is achieved by natural, unrefined salt.

The composition of our blood and the other fluids in our bodies have an amazing similarity to seawater. That is why natural unrefined Sea Salt is so good for us. Sea Salt comes in the precise dosage perfectly matched to the chemical and mineral composition of our bodies and it is in a natural form (chelated) that can be readily metabolized. Scientists think that 24 of these mineral elements are essential to life although many believe that it is the proper balance of these elements in our bodies that is necessary to good health. Whenever a deficiency of one or many of these minerals occur, the regenerating power of the cells is affected and we become sick with illnesses that are often hard to pinpoint or correct.

Sea Salt labels can be misleading; one needs to understand the process the salt has been put through to really assess its value. If the salt is refined to remove impurities or give it a better appearance, most of the mineral elements are gone; equally important is the addition of chemical additives to bleach it and make it flow better. These two aspects compromise the body's ability to absorb and process the treated salt, which then becomes a problem for our joints and a liability for our body functions.

Many of us crave salt because our bodies crave the missing elements, which are absent from the refined salt. Many of the missing elements are needed only in minute quantities (trace) but their absence is thought to contribute to many of today's illnesses.

According to Dr. Jacques Langre, Ph.D. who wrote the book Seasalt's Hidden Powers, unrefined salt is thought to have incredible positive effects on the body's functions: in conjunction with water, salt is essential to the regulation of blood pressure, it plays a vital role in the extraction of excess acidity in the body, in the balancing of sugar levels in the blood and the absorption of food by the intestinal tract. It plays a key role in and helps clear the lungs and the respiratory system from mucus, is vital to the nerve cells ability to communicate and to the brain, salt is a strong natural antihistamine and is essential in the prevention of muscle cramps and plays a key role in sleep regulation. Twenty-seven percent of the body's salt is in the bones, and it is vital to making the structure of the bones firm.

© 2005 Source: Pacific Harvest, Auckland, New Zealand. All rights reserved.

The above information does not refer to Palmolive products.