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Give Yourself an Energy Audit

By Jon Gordon, MA

Where do you invest your energy? How much of it is spent with meaningful people in your life? How much is spent on work? What about distractions? How about bad habits? Or goals that really don't matter anymore? Do you often relive events of the past?

I ask you to think about these questions because one of the most important things we can do to maximize our energy is to identify where we invest our energy.

If 100 percent represents our total energy, then a piece of that 100 percent is invested in every person and group we spend time with. How much energy goes to people who help you become a better person?

Another piece of our energy is invested in our beliefs. Do you invest your energy in positive beliefs or negative beliefs? We also invest a portion of our energy in bad habits and good habits. Which do you engage in? Many of us unfortunately invest our energy in the past, in negative past events or people who have hurt us.

It is important to know where you invest your energy because the more energy you invest in negative beliefs, bad habits, distractions, and people who drain you, the less energy you have to invest in positive people, positive beliefs, and positive actions.

If you invest a total of 70 percent on things that weaken you, this means you only invest 30 percent of your energy on building a better you. That's like spending only $30 out of every $100 to build a house and $70 out of every $100 to tear it down. Not very efficient or productive. With an investment like this, it is very hard to build anything.

Even worse, the house will likely crumble. And we wonder why so many of us get sick and burnt out when we try to do too much. Our bodies shut down because they don't have enough energy to run properly.

Identifying where you invest your energy helps you begin the process of making better investments. I once had a very poorly performing stock portfolio. The first step I took was to examine the stock portfolio, identify the bad investments, and discard them.

Once you decide which negative investments you wish to discard, then you can begin to find better opportunities for your energy. Knowing that you are really only spending 30-40 percent of your energy on worthwhile investments will be a big eye-opener for you and motivate you to invest your energy in what matters most. Just imagine what you could accomplish if you invested 70-80 percent in creating something positive.

Action Steps

  1. List all of the people, groups, beliefs, habits and past people and events that receive a piece of your energy.
  2. Now assign each investment a percentage out of 100 percent. If you add up all your investments, the total should be 100 percent.
  3. Then designate each investment as positive, negative or neutral.
  4. Add up your total percentage of positive investments.
  5. Then add up your total percentage of negative investments.
  6. Identify how much energy you are investing positively and negatively.

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